Maternal Health Arkansas- Research Material

︎ 2022 

This work is all in support of research done by my former proffesor Bree McMahon during my time as her research assistant. The focus of Bree’s research is increasing visibility to the maternal health crisis in Arkansas. 

To give this issue a public platform, information and statistics found through Bree’s research would be shared on instagram. I was responsible for creating an identity for the instagram and some initial content. When designing I focused on representing the unlinear journey that is motherhood, as well as the diversity of experiences that are present in the issue. 

Along with the instagram content, I assisted Bree in her planning of the Maternal Health in Arkansas participatory forum. The goal of this event was to bring together experts on the topic including Arkansas based doulas, lactation consultants, healthcare workers, fellow researchers, and mothers. Together they were co-designing a Maternal Health research study.

In line with the branding I developed for the instagram, I designed and risograph printed notebooks for all of the event’s participants. Along with being a place for the organizer’s contact information and the day’s agenda, it also became a place for collecting participant insights. These perspectives could then be put towards the Maternal Health Research Study that was being developed.

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