ArtFeeds Murals - Digital Illustrations

 ︎ 2021 

During the Fall of 2021, I was contracted to participate in two student-led mural projects with the non-profit ArtFeeds. This program involves the participation of every student within an elementary school, to make a mural that represents the whole community. My role was to digitalize pieces of all student drawings to then be used in the design of the larger composition.  On this page, I will highlight one of the schools I worked with.

Mural design for Turnbow Elementary School

The above mural was designed for Turnbow Elementary School in Springdale, AR. Students chose the theme “Friendship and Unity” to celebrate togetherness within their community. The entire process from the choosing of the theme, to the reveal of the installed mural, took only 4 weeks! To achieve this quick turnaround, all of the student’s drawings needed to be traced in just 7 days.

After students pick the mural’s theme and color scheme, every individual does their own drawing. All 562 students were given a handout that asked them to draw an image that they felt represented “Friendship and Unity.” I got to look through every scanned image, and pick the most special part of each drawing to trace digitally. This ensured that the final mural design was as diverse and unique as the school it represented.

Looking through all of the drawings was my favorite part of this project. I was impressed (and often very amused) by how each student interpreted the prompt. It felt like I truly got a window into the perspective of these young artists.