Summer On SOCO - Marketing Material


South Congress is a social district in Austin, Texas. In the Summer of 2021, I was contracted to design marketing material for an event they were organizing called Summer on SOCO (SOCO being the abbreviated name for the district).  The event was meant to engage community members in the district’s businesses, both local and beyond.  

I first designed a poster that would be used for advertising the event. The provided logo for South Congress utilizes a fun mix of fonts that come together with a handmade quality. I decided to match this mood with my own handwritten type for the phrase “Summer On” to accompany their shortened logotype in the poster’s largest message. I also drew 4 different icons to be used in the design. These illustrations relate to the theme of shopping, sipping, and strolling all Summer long. The icons are meant to match the existing aesthetic of the brand, and be legible in both large and small displays.
As part of the event, I also designed punchcards that would promote patronage at a variety of buisnesses. One side was designed for the stamps to be collected, and the reverse side explained the rules of the promotion along with listing all of the participating businesses.

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